Physique Canada’s strict doping control (drug testing procedures) form the foundation of fair play. Everyone involved in Physique Canada is subject to doping control at any time. Currently, Physique Canada employs urinanalysis to screen for all substances listed in the current World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances.  We use only WADA-approved labs.  There is drug testing administered at all Physique Canada contests.

The Doping Control Committee (DCC) oversees doping control policy and procedures for Physique Canada. The DCC also metes out sanctions against athletes who fail doping control.

Men's and Women's Competition Levels

  • Prize $$
  • Tier 1
  • Pro
  • Competitors must qualify by placing top three in a Tier 2 event and must maintain a valid membership for year-round in- and out-of-competition drug testing.

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  • Tier 2
  • Open
  • Competitors must have placed top three in Tier 3 or have strong competitive experience and/or have placed in another organization. All Tier 2 competitions subject to drug testing.
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  • Tier 3
  • Novice
  • For brand-new competitors or those who have not placed in Physique Canada Tier 3 or in another organization. All Tier 3 competitions subject to drug testing.

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  • Masters
  • Over Age 40
  • Resides outside the tier system. Competitors can compete in Masters even if they are competing in Tier 1, 2, or 3 classes. All Masters competitions subject to drug testing.
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Physique Canada is the only men's and women's physique organization in the nation to conduct in-competition and out-of-competition drug testing, with the express purpose of creating a fair and level playing field for all competitors.