Monica Alongi

Howtown: Ottawa, Ontario
Occupation: Print and Sign Shop ownerMonica2
Role: Physique Canada Judge

Other interests: Motorcyling, photography.

Judging experience: SAF judge since 2011, Physique Canada since 2012.

Competitive experience: OPA provincial level Fitness competitor, SAF Bikini Champion, IDFA 2nd Place Bikini, UFE Bikini competitor

Monica has been involved in the bodybuilding & fitness shows for over 10 years. She has competed, spectated, volunteered backstage and judged. She was a long standing Interactive Nutrition sponsored athlete and has promoted their high quality products at numerous fitness expos including The Olympia and Arnold Classic. She has been on television and published in fitness magazines (including Oxygen and Inside Fitness). She was a fitness ambassador for the OPA where she facilitated training to the judges on how to judge fitness routines.

Why judge for Physique Canada? Contributing to the success of this new organization during it's inception is very motivating and rewarding.

What do you look for in a winning physique? Often the winning edge between two equally matched competitors is their stage presence. Don't overlook posing and confidence if you want to be a champion!